Pinjaman Peribadi KFH

Pinjaman Peribadi KFH

Kuwait Finance House Financing


KFH provides many types of loan financing for customers such as:

  • IjarahMuntahia Bi Al-Tamlik Asset Acquisition Financing-i
  • Shariah concept: IjarahMuntahia Bi Al-Tamlik
  • IjarahMawsufah Fi Al-Zimmah Asset Acquisition Financing-i

Customers can apply for a personal loan based on the Shariah concept of IjarahMawsufah Fi Al-Zimmah. For example Personal Financing-i Government Personnel is focused on government employees who are looking for additional financial needs.

KFH Personal Financing-i for Government Personnel is especially dedicated to the employees of the Malaysian Government. Government employees will enjoy the additional cash for additional expenses they have in mind.


KFH Loan Benefits

  • 2 years to 5 years – 5.99% p.a.
  • 6 years to 9 years – 3.99% p.a.
  • Minimum amount of loan from RM2,000 to RM200,000
  • Financing tenure of up to 9 years
  • Competitive profit rates
  • No guarantor and collateral
  • Shariah and Murabahah based

KFH Personal Financing-i is a personal loan package that is offered only to government personnel in Malaysia. This loan is fully Islamic compliant and is based on Shariah Murabahah concept. This loan offers from RM 2,000 up to RM 200,000 of financing with minimum 2 years up to 9 years of repayment with overlap option. The interest rates of this loan would be based on amount borrowed and financing tenure. One can enjoy a low 3.99% p.a. with 6 to 9 years repayment while 5.99% p.a. for 2 to 5 years repayment period. Personal Financing-i is unsecured which no guarantor and collateral is needed.



  • Minimum 19 years old to retirement age at the end of the loan
  • Minimum salary of RM2,000 per month
  • Permanent government staff; a minimum of 1 year in service
  • Applicant must be a Malaysian citizen
  • Financing is available for single applicants only, not joint applicants

*Note: the gross monthly salary is computed based on salary plus fixed allowances

  • Minimum amount of financing is RM2,000
  • Maximum amount of financing is RM200,000

Loan eligibility will defer based on the loan amount taken by the customer. The loan repayment period will be set for minimum 2 years and maximum 9 years.


Charges and Fees

Takaful insurance is compulsory with the loan



As of all government loans, the repayment of the loan is done via Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA)  automatic salary deduction

Customer can apply for personal loan for:

  • Home renovation
  • Assets, fittings and furnishing for home
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Travelling
  • Festive purchase item

For application please provide KHF officers with:

  • Identity card (MyKad) both sides
  • Latest salary slip
  • Most recent EPF statement

Repayment table


KFH is known to be the first bank operating in accordance with the Islamic principles of Shariah. Founded since 1977, Kuwait Finance House K.S.C. (KFH) has emerged as one of the leading Islamic banks in the world.KFH has business operations in Bahrain, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia as well as affiliates in the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Bangladesh. KFH is listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE), with a market capitalization of KWD 2.667 billion as of 31 December 2008. The established bank has been awarded Best Islamic Bank in the world from CPI Financial institution for the year 2014.

Dubbed as the ‘Harvard of Islamic banks’ in the 2007 issue of Forbes magazine, KFH has earned global recognition, having received numerous prestigious local and international awards. The accolades attest the financial strength, quality of assets and the efficiency and professionalism of its employees.

  • February 22, 2017
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