Pinjaman Peribadi Bank Muamalat

Pinjaman Peribadi Bank Muamalat


Bank Muamalat Personal Financing

Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad, the second full-fledged Islamic bank to be established in Malaysia after Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, is poised to play its role in providing Islamic banking products and services to Malaysians, without regard to race or religious beliefs. Bank Muamalat is Shariah and Islamic compliant and is catered for public servants in Malaysia.

Bank Muamalat Personal Financing-i is a loan for personal use. The loan is applicable to Malaysian Armed Forces pensioner and all government pensioner with a minimum tenure of 3 years and a maximum tenure of 10 years.

The Bank Muamalat Personal Financing i- offers a financing amount minimum of RM 5,000.00 and maximum of RM 150,000. The profit rate runs on a competitive flat or floating rate. Mode of payment is through pension with BMMB. Takaful coverage for this loan is compulsory and will writing is optional.


Documents Required:

  • Copy of NRIC (front and back)
  • Latest 1 month Salary Slip
  • Employment Confirmation Letter
  • Latest Utility Bills (TNB/Telekom/Syabas/Astro)


Financing for Malaysia Armed Forces

  • Tenure of minimum: 3 years, Maximum: 15 years
  • Financing Amount Minimum: RM 5,000.00
  • “Lain-lain Pangkat” (LLP): Maximum: RM 60,000.00 (Flat/Floating Rate)
  • “Pegawai”: Maximum: RM 150,000.00 (Floating Rate), RM 100,000.00 (Flat Rate)


Documents Required:

  • Photocopy of Identify card (front and back)
  • Photocopy of Pension certificate
  • Pension Statement/ Ledger
  • BMMB Saving account book


Applicant’s Eligibility for repayment capacity is determined by NDI & DSR. Pension credited with BMMB and paid by JHEV for Armed Forces. Pension credited with BMMB under Scheme A and paid by JPA.


Mualamat Vehicle Financing-i Gradpack

Based on Bai’ Bithaman Ajil – a contract of normal sale with the payment of the selling price deferred, to an agreed later date.



  • Minimum basic salary of RM1,500 per month
  • A minimum age of 20 years old and a maximum of 30 years old during application
  • Minimum qualification of diploma level from institutes authorized and recognized by Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA) / Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia
  • Application completed within period of 3 years from date of graduation
  • Confirmed staff (except for government staff and management trainees of private sector)


Profit Rate

According to Bank’s prevailing profit rate with a financing tenure of minimum 4 years to 9 years. Financing amount of a minimum RM 20,000. Mode of payment is made through normal monthly installment payment through counter. There is a compulsory advance payment of which equivalent to 1 – 2 months installment prior disbursement.
Documents Required:
  • Photocopy of NRIC
  • Photocopy of Driving license
  • Photocopy of 3 months latest salary slip or employment’s offer letter (if newly employed) for government staff or management trainees of private sector
  • Photocopy of diploma/degree/transcript
  • Vehicles sales order
  • Application form duly completed


Mode of vehicles

  • National cars
  • Non-national cars e.g Toyota Vios, Honda City, Suzuki Swift, Ford Fiesta, Nissan Grand Livina and Nissan Latio

  • February 21, 2017
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